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Our Medel Health Membership package gives you the chance to monitor your health over the course of a year rather than just a fleeting once off. The benefits of becoming a member with us is we will monitor your health regularly and consistently through our below services included in your fee.

4 x Membership Health Screens per year
Yes you will recieve 4 Health Screens per year spaced 3 months apart encouraging you to always have your health managed and aware of any potential risks with early detection so important in prevention.

ECG, Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis, Waist Circumference, Body Measurements, Sp02, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Flexibility & Mobility Assessment, Health Assessment, Health Consultation

4 Lifestyle & Performance Consultations
Results when they return can be confusing and irrating to view as you are not fully aware of their meaning. Joining the Medel Health Membership family you can avail of 4 results Lifestyle & Performance Consultations online to assit you in better understanding your health.

Dr Alan Farrell – MB BCh BAO BA MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine

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