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Inter-county Health Screening Programme


Health Screening Programme

Unlock a healthier you with our Athletic Health Screen!

Book your exclusive Athletic Health Screen today at one of our nationwide clinics. To schedule your screening, simply email us at info@medelhealthcare.com and our team will assist you promptly.

What is an Athletic Health Screen?

An Athletic Health Screen is a comprehensive evaluation designed to assess & optimize an individual’s health & fitness, specifically tailored for athletes. This proactive approach helps identify potential health risks, enhance performance, & ensure overall well-being.

Components of the Athletic Health Screen:

Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

Sports Blood Package

Height, Weight, Waist

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Flexibility & Mobility Test

Full Detailed Report

Benefits of the Athletic Health Screen:

Early Detection: Identifying potential health issues before they become serious concerns.

Performance Optimisation: Tailoring fitness & nutrition plans based on individual health & athletic goals.

Injury Prevention: Addressing potential risks. through flexibility & mobility assessments.

Personalised Guidance: Receive a comprehensive report providing insights into your health status & recommendations.

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Book your Athletic Health Screen today at one of our nationwide clinics. To schedule, email us at info@medelhealthcare.com. We’ll assist you promptly!

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